Stop Staff Inconsistency,
Eliminate Under-Performance
And Quickly Improve
Your School's Outcomes

This Powerful ‘Dual Factor’ Diagnostic Tool helps
CEOs, Headteachers, Line Managers and Coaches/Consultants by forensically pinpointing EXACTLY how to improve individual, team & school performance.

This is for you if...

You’re a CEO, an Executive Headteacher or a Headteacher (or a Coach or Consultant) and you want a quick and easy way to identify the most relevant starting point for your work and track improvement across your school(s).

You’re a Headteacher who wants to make strategic decisions confidently, say goodbye to frustrating inconsistent practice and ‘excuses’ , and hold staff to account

You’re a busy Senior Leader or Head of Department who wants a fast, fair and accurate way to instantly analyse staff performance (rather than relying on one person’s perspective or having to spend hours manually trawling through data)

You lead Performance Management or Appraisal meetings and you want to give credible, reliable feedback and be 100% confident that the targets or objectives you set will improve performance in the most critical areas

You want to make yourself and your colleagues aware of personal strengths, development areas, and any discrepancies between how you see yourselves and how others see you so that you can increase self-awareness and lead/work more effectively

You’re not 100% sure how consistently or effectively somebody works on a day-to-day basis and you’ve perhaps thought to yourself “I’m not convinced that this person usually does this when I’m not observing them!”

You want to accurately pinpoint the biggest strengths and development needs for your school, team(s) and/or individuals that you line-manage so that you can accelerate change and improve your outcomes in the most efficient way

You’d like to capitalise on your school’s in-house expertise & encourage staff to share ‘best practice’ rather than wasting time and money on CPD which isn’t 100% relevant & won’t make the most impact in your school

Your budget is tight and you want to feel certain that you’re channelling your time, money and energy into the #1 thing that will make the BIGGEST difference

You’ve got colleagues who are ‘weak’ or ‘in denial’ about their under-performance and you need them to face up to the facts and improve!

Get Started Now to Quickly Discover Exactly How to Improve Your Performance, Leadership & Outcomes

Making your school(s) work as efficiently as possible is a HUGE challenge. And we get it.

You want to achieve your vision and get the best out of your workforce, and you want to do it NOW.

You’re doing the best you can with the resources you’ve got, but you know that some staff are inconsistent or not doing their job properly, and that’s putting more pressure on you and your colleagues.

You end up wasting hours picking up the pieces rather than focusing on the more important strategic stuff!

There are HUNDREDS of things you COULD do, so how can you 100% guarantee you’re allocating your resources wisely and working on the #1 thing that will make the BIGGEST difference?

Ready to take your school to the next level?

It’s 360 Feedback but NOT as you know it!

If you’ve come across 360 degree feedback before you’ll know that ‘normal’ 360s give you a list of ‘strengths’ and ‘development areas’ for indiviudals – but that’s about it!

This 360 tool is FAR more powerful because it also shows you the difference (or “gap”) between what your colleagues are ACTUALLY doing and what they SHOULD be doing consistently on a day-to-day basis!

When you click the “Easy Data Analysis” button it’ll collate results and FORENSICALLY ANALYSE your teams or the whole school in seconds, meaning you can:

    • Take the GUESSWORK out of school improvement
    • Identify your ‘experts’ (for peer-to-peer support)
    • See someone’s biggest ‘blind-spot’ & ‘development area’
    • Know the BIGGEST strengths for your Team & School
    • Be 100% confident about your Top 3 Improvement Priorities
    • Prove the impact of your CPD or initiatives
    • Compare & track results across groups of schools

…And above all, IMPROVE YOUR SCHOOL(S)!

Powerful Features...

School-Based Process

You’re in charge of the whole process so ALL information is at your fingertips whenever you need it


Leaving feedback takes just 3-5 minutes. Our app automatically analyses it for you in seconds, saving you hours

Easy Data Analysis

Instantly see how your school is performing at EVERY level and drill down to teams, departments & individuals

Automatic Pinpointing

Powerful SSE tool identifies the biggest strengths, development areas, hidden strengths & blind-spots for you

Expert Matcher

Automatically matches your ‘experts’ with colleagues who need their support and saves you money

Make Better Decisions

Use data to develop improvement plan strategies which make the biggest difference to performance & outcomes

Individual & Team Reports

Generates personalised PDF reports for you to download or email

Be ‘Ofsted-Ready’

Provide evidence of your school’s performance & progress at the touch of a button

Track Progress

Measure and monitor the impact of strategies you put in place

Task Notifications

Automatic emails alert you to new tasks & remind you of deadlines!

10+ ‘Ready-Made’ 360s

Use tried & tested templates for your Leadership, Teaching & Support Roles

100% Customisable

Create your own completely customised 360s quickly & easily and restrict access rights

Here’s How 360 Feedback In Schools Works...

STEP 1 - Create and launch a 360

STEP 2 - The 360 is completed (by 5 people)

STEP 3 - Generate reports / Analyse data

STEP 4 - Feedback to individual(s) / team(s) / all staff

STEP 5 - Focus on improving

STEP 6 - Hold staff accountable for taking action

STEP 7 - Repeat 360 process

360 feedback diagnostic tool schools impact

Your 360 Membership Will Help Save & Improve Lives!

As an educationalist you’ll be aware of how critical the human brain is for learning and development. But did you know that 1 in 6 people suffer from a neurological (brain-related) condition at some point in their lives?

In fact, more people die from this than from cancer, and the number of sufferers is rising at an alarming rate!

As this massively underfunded cause is so close to our hearts we want to support it, so your 360 Membership will not only…

  • Help you to improve YOUR performance
  • Help to take YOUR school(s) to a higher level…
  • It also means we’ll donate 10% of profits on your behalf to help fund research into the causes, treatment, prevention and cure of neurological conditions so that people can learn better and have a better quality of life.

Together we can make a difference to people whose lives are (or will be) affected by brain conditions.

Let’s do this!

If you DON’T do it now, how much more time and money could you waste working on the wrong things?